Gentoo repositories

Ebuild repositories contain additional packages for your Gentoo system. Gentoo maintains a list of repositories for use in tools such as layman. You can find them below.

Using these repositories: You can enable these repositories in your system using layman. They appear by the same name as on this page.

Adding your own repository: Please see the Overlays guide to either request a Git repository on and/or add your repository to the list.
Repository URL changes

We recently restructured the way you can access repositories hosted by Gentoo.
Any overlays from or need to be changed to a new URL. You can find more information in the news item.
Repository name Description Contact
2xsaikoPersonal overlay with no special focus2xsaiko
4nykeyAn experimental portage overlayAleksei Kaveshnikov
acePersonal overlay with ebuilds that were missing at one point or anotherAlexander Olofsson
activehomeGentoo overlay for ebuilds related to 'hand-made' Active Home constructionVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
aeon-gentoo-overlayGentoo overlay for Aeon Dev packages and dependenciesRobin Degen
ag-opsUseful tools for SysAdmins or DevOpsJohn Johnson
agoDeveloper overlayAgostino Sarubbo
ahyangyi-overlayAhyangyi's overlayYi Yang
akaterPersonal ebuild repository. Emacs, Lisp, minimalism.akater
alatar-layAlatar`s personal ebuildsAlatar
alesharikGentoo portage overlay of alesharikAleksei Arsenev
AlexandreFournierAlexandre Fournier's personal overlayAlexandre Fournier
alexcepoiPersonal User OverlayAlexandru Cepoi
alexxyDeveloper overlayAlexey Shvetsov
alucoFrom drm-next to phoronix-test-suite ebuildsAnthoine Bourgeois
alxuAlex Xu (Hello71) personal overlayAlex Xu (Hello71)
amedeosamedeos's personal overlayAmedeo Salvati
anarchyTesting/Bug fixes, new ebuildsJory Pratt
anardAnard's personnal repository, with some new ebuildsAnard
anaximanderanaximander's user overlayDominik Kriegner
anders-larssonA few packages that are not hosted elsewhere.Anders Larsson
andrey_utkinDeveloper overlayandrey_utkin
anomenanomen's personal Gentoo overlayanomen
anycTesting ebuilds for out-of-tree applicationsMario Kicherer
apriluwuapriluwu's personal overlayApril C.
ArchFehArchFeh's personal overlayArchFeh
argent-mainArgent LinuxStefan Cristian Brindusa
arx-libertatisArx Libertatis OverlayDaniel Scharrer
AstroFloydAstroFloyd's Gentoo overlayAstroFloyd
audio-overlayPro audio overlay. Please file bugs or package suggestions at overlay
averagePersonal playground for some ebuilds not found elsewhereJeffrey Lin
awesomeAwesome ebuildsDaniel Morlock
AzPPeter's own software playgroundPeter Asplund
barnowlBarnOwl IM clientWilliam Throwe
beatussum-overlayBeatussum's overlayMattéo Rossillol--Laruelle
bell07Some ebuilds not found in other overlays, including my server and desktop (xfce) profilesAlexander Weber (bell07)
benzene-overlayUniversebenzene's personal Gentoo overlayUniversebenzene
besbes' personal overlayVladimir Varlamov
bezerkerBezerker's PackagesBezerker
bibletimeBibleTime overlayJaak Ristioja
binarydenOverlay for Cinnamon and other Gentoo packagesThomas Kemmer
bircophDeveloper overlayAndrew Savchenko
bitceteraMiscellaneous Gentoo ebuildsSven Schwyn
bitcoinBitcoin and CPU/GPU mining related ebuildsFlorian Schmaus
Software needed to render the Blender-based gentoo Logo of 2003Sebastian Pipping
bloodykrita bleeding edge and artists tools/resourcesPierre Geier
bobwyaMiscellaneous Gentoo ebuildsBob Wya
bombo82Bombo82's own gentoo overlayGianni Bombelli (bombo82)
boobooL29Ah personal overlaySergey Alirzaev
bratishkaerik-overlayPersonal overlayBratishkaErik
brave-overlayBrave OverlayJason Oliveira
brother-overlayBrother printer and scanner softwareStefan Langenmaier
bubba"Bubba" platform support for Excito B2|3Gordon Bos
bumblebeePackages related to the bumblebee projectVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
buzdenPersonal overlay of Denis BuzdalovDenis Buzdalov
calculateCalculate Overlayat(at)
canutethegreat-overlayOverlay for personal projects, forks, and customizationsRonald Farrer
Case_OfPersonal overlayQuentin Retornaz
cdlpRandom/Custom ebuilds, no-(dbus,systemd,pam,polkit,elogind ...) stuffFrancesco Palumbo
ceamacThis is a small Gentoo overlay with ebuilds that I could not find elsewhere or that I had to modify for some reason.Viorel Munteanu
certbot-dns-pluginsOverlay for the DNS plugins of the ACME client certbotOsiris Inferi
cgComputer graphics ebuilds for gentoobrothermechanic(at)
chrytooPersonal overlay for packages that usually aren't in the official repository...Miloš Đ. Omeragić
cj-overlayChristoph's Overlayjunghans(at)
concaveoverlayconcavegit's overlay.concavemail(at)
cosmicmod-overlayCosmicMod OverlayOz
crocket-overlaycrocket's personal overlaycrocket
crossdevEbuilds for embedded systemsVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
dankdumpsterDankDumpster's overlayDankDumpster
dargorPersonal overlay for packages I care ofGabriel Linder
darkelfOverlay focusing on improved user experience for working in darkness on Xfce or zsh (including vim)Simon
darthgandalf-overlayPersonal overlayAlexey Sokolov
deepinGentoo Overlay for Deepin Desktop EnvironmentAten Zhang
defiancepackages for cloud developmentDan Molik
dequbedPersonal overlay containing mostly small utilities and less stable package versionsme(at)
dev1990-overlayPersonal overlay focused on Qt application development and 3d-printing.Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz
didosDidOS overlay gentoo editionSeirra Blake
dilfridgeDilfridge overlay: experimental ebuilds and lab softwareAndreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)
displacerFixes and new unstable packagesIgor Ulyanov
distrosCalculate Linux Profilesat(at)
djcPersonal overlay; testing and early developmentDirkjan Ochtman
dlangA collection of ebuilds related to the D programming language.Marco.Leise(at)
dm9pZCAqpersonal overlay with different packages, mainly with packages with KISS mindsetdm9pZCAq
dmchurchDanielle Church's Portage overlayDanielle Church
dotnetExperimental overlay for .NET packages.Dotnet team
DrauthiusEbuilds related to game devAlbert Diserholt
drdimGentoo Layman portage repository for Jetbrains ProductsDmitriy Bogatkin
dwfreedMy random Gentoo packagesDouglas Freed
dwoskyDwosky's personal overlayPedro Arizmendi
earsharkpersonal overlay, mostly games relatedValeriy
eclipseCommunity effort at packaging Eclipse Java SDKEclipse team
edgetsGentoo overlay that brings you the newest versions of modern software.Ivo Šmerek
eigenlayEigenlab Gentoo overlayGioacchino Mazzurco
einflayPersonal overlayEinstok Fair
ejabberdFresh ejabberd versions and dependenciesSergey Ilinykh
electronElectron OverlayElvis Pranskevichus
elementaryThe elementary OS experience for Gentoo Linux. Pim Vullers
elopez-r-overlayMy Gentoo overlay for EbuildsEsteban López Rodríguez
emacsProvide Emacs and XEmacs related ebuilds which are experimental or work-in-progress. Don't rely on them, but don't hesitate to file bugs or write emails.Gentoo Emacs team
EmilienMottetGentoo Overlay for Emilien Mottet personal/work needs.Emilien Mottet
enlightenment-liveEnlightenment WM latest stable version and live ebuildsRaffaele Spinelli
equaegheErik Quaeghebeur's personal Gentoo overlayErik Quaeghebeur
eraydVarious personal ebuildsSteve Gilberd
escpr2Epson Inkjet Printer Driver 2 (ESC/P-R) repositoryAndreas Thalhammer
ethereumThe Ethereum blockchain-based distributed computing platformRafael Lorandi
eugene-brightThe personal overlay of Eugene BrightEugene Bright
ext-devlibsMostly c/c++ and python librariesDavid Sveningsson
farmboy0Personal overlay of Enrico HornEnrico Horn
fem-overlayFeM Gentoo OverlayPaul Michel
ferkiEbuilds used and/or proxy maintained by FErkiFerenc Erki
fidonetOverlay of Benny PedersenBenny Pedersen
FireBurn32bit ebuilds (libdrm, mesa, libx11, mesa-progs, ..)Mike Lothian
flammieAn overlay for gentoo for things Flammie's worked on: Apertium, HFST, computational linguistics, spell-checking, obscure languages...Flammie Pirinen
flavourPersonal overlay of Wim MuskeeWim Muskee
flewkey-overlayPersonal Gentoo overlay for flewkeyRyan Fox
flightsimOverlay with packages for flight simulation, mainly related to X-PlaneRafael G. Martins
floppymfloppym's personal overlayMike Gilbert
flowEbuilds by Florian SchmausFlorian Schmaus
flussenceAnt P.'s personal overlayAnthony Parsons
fol4fol4 overlayMads
foo-overlayPiotr's fixes and new packagesPiotr Karbowski
fordfrogDeveloper overlayMiroslav Šulc
fortunelayOverlay for fortunesAlessandro Barbieri
fowlayCollection of ebuildsRabbe Fogelholm
foxiverlayPersonal overlay for unofficial ebuildsJosé Pekkarinen
frittelifritteli's Gentoo OverlayManuel Friedli
frr-gentooFree Range Routing Gentoo OverlayDaniel 'f0o' Preussker
fusion809Brenton's Portage overlayBrenton Horne
gamarounsBits and pieces missing in gentoo or layman repos I needamaroun
gamerlay Gamers overlay for all various games. Not related with games team. Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
gcarqPersonal overlayMichael Egger
gentooOfficial Gentoo ebuild repositorybug-wranglers(at)
gentoo-bootstrapOverlay providing packages to bootstrap OpenJDK and RustAndrius Štikonas
gentoo-clangGentoo overlay providing patches to build entire system with clangAlexander Bilyak
gentoo-linux-surface-overlayOverlay for running Gentoo Linux on Microsoft Surface devices.Ronald Farrer
gentoo-mateGentoo MATE Desktop Project RepoMATE Desktop Project
gentoo-zhTo provide programs useful to Chinese speaking users (merged from gentoo-china and gentoo-taiwan).microcai(at)
gentoobrOverlay containing experimental packages developed by the brazilian community, with focus on providing programs useful to portuguese speaking users and introducing new people to contribute.Leonardo Henrique Neumann
gerislayA personal overlay with no specific focus (mainly to test ebuilds). Highly experimental. It is meant as a playground for me, but others might be interested.gerion
gigGig OS's Overlayyangmame(at)
gitlabUnofficial ebuilds for GitlabHorst Prote
glarbs-overlayA Gentoo overlay used by GLARBS.Emilia Trollros
gnomeexperimental gnome ebuildsGNOME team
gnome-nextexperimental newer gnome ebuildsMikhail Pukhlikov
gnuradioA repository for GNURadio packages/addonshololeap(at)
gnustepExperimental ebuilds for GNUstep packages in Gentoo. Comments and bugreports are welcome!gnustep(at)
go-overlayGolang related ebuildsMauro Toffanin
godinGodin's Gentoo OverlayEvgeny Mandrikov
goduck777Personal overlay containing some not-so-popular appsChang Liu
gorisGoris overlayNorayr Mirakyan
graaffDeveloper overlay of Hans de Graaff with mostly ruby and xemacs ebuilds, and a few assorted other goodies.Hans de Graaff
griffon_overlayPersonal overlay of GriffOn YiGriffOn Yi
grub2-themesOverlay dedicated to Grub2 themes (of any distribution)Sebastian Pipping
gsview-overlayOverlay for the gsview and some other plotting/scientific softMichael Uleysky
guruGURU: Ebuild repository entirely maintained by Gentoo usersGURU
haarpmisc ebuilds that aren't in the main treehaarp
hamariPersonal overlay of hamariMario Haustein
hamper-overlayUser overlayAlexander Pilipenko
hanHan's personal ebuild repositoryHan Mertens
haskellThe Official Gentoo Haskell overlay.haskell(at)
heindsightheindsight's personal overlayHeinrich Kruger
hering-overlayRichard Hering's gentoo overlayRichard Hering
hexedit-overlayEbuilds for infrastructure-related packages and my own projectsTimofey Negrebetsky
hibiscusHibiscus homebanking overlayFabian Köster
holgersson-overlayNils "holgersson" Freydank's personal overlayNils Freydank
HomeAssistantRepositoryHome Assistant on Gentoo Linux without virtualenv or docker.Andreas Billmeier
hossiegentoo-overlay from hossiehossie(at)
hotstoastTom Hotston's personal overlayTom Hotston
ikelosIkelos's hospice for broken and damaged ebuilds.Mike Auty
inode64-overlayServer overlay, virtualization, developer tools and misc appsF.Javier Félix
ixitiXit overlayDavid Heidelberger
jacendi-overlayid Software games overlayVladimir Gavrilov
javaJava overlayGentoo Java team
jboro-overlaypersonal experimental ebuildsjustin borodinsky
jjakobJernej Jakob's unofficial ebuildsJernej Jakob
jkoloJerzy Kolosowski's Gentoo overlayJerzy Kolosowski
jl1990jl1990's Custom Gentoo Overlay.jl1990
jm-overlayPersonal overlay with more or less random ebuildsJannis234
jmbsvicettoJorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto developer overlayJorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto
johnmhPersonal overlay of johnmhJohn Harris
johuJohannes Huber developer overlayJohannes Huber
jorgicioGentoo repository made by Jorgicio.Jorge Pizarro Callejas
JRGJohn's Collaboration OverlayJohn R. Graham
jstewardjsteward's personal overlayKireinaHoro
junkdrawerVarious development tools, libraries, and patches not in Gentoo (yet)Daniel M. Weeks
kaaKaa's experimental overlayOleg Kravchenko
KBrown-pubKBrown's public overlaySandino Araico Sanchez
kdeOfficial KDE team's testing overlay.KDE Team
keepbot-overlaykeepbot's personal ebuild repositoryDmitry Ivanov
khoverlayKhumba's overlay, mainly Haskell packagesBryan Gardiner
klondikeEbuilds made and modified by klondike, mainly sound and virtualizationFrancisco Blas Izquierdo Riera
konsoleboxkonsolebox's overlaykonsolebox
kripton-overlayGentoo portage overlay with packages needed or developed by kriptonJannis Achstetter
kskeKai S. K. Engelbart's personal overlayKai S. K. Engelbart
lab-overlayLab OverlayStanislav Romanov
lanodanOverlayAdditionnal goals; experiments, necromancy, portability, diversity, …Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier
leechcraftOverlay with LeechCraft ebuildsGeorg Rudoy
leioMart Raudsepp developer overlayMart Raudsepp
librepilotLibrepilot flight control software overlayPaul Jewell
libresslLibreSSL ebuilds testing repositorylibressl(at)
liftmPersonal OverlayJulius Michaelis
linux-bePort of Boot Environments for GNU/LinuxWitaut Bajaryn
linux-surfaceOverlay that has the required packages for installation of Gentoo into a Microsoft Surface device.Parinthapat P.
linuxunderground-overlayexperimental ebuilds from linuxunderground.belinuxunderground
lispCommon Lisp/Scheme development, recruitment and live overlay. Support and feedback in `#gentoo-lisp' and via `'.lisp(at)
lmiphayPersonal overlay of Paul HealyPaul Healy
lto-overlayA Portage configuration for O3, Graphite, and LTO system-wideShane Peelar
luke-jrMisc ebuilds by Luke-Jrluke-jr+gentoobugs(at)
luxiferPersonal Overlay, contains stoken ebuildsDominik Keil
maekkeMarkus Meier developer overlayMarkus Meier
mate-de-gentooUpdated ebuilds for mate-desktop environmentOzTiram
megacoffeeMixed ebuilds from various sources: self-written missing ebuilds, more current ebuilds, ebuilds that just needed a slight update from official portage, ebuilds others posted on Gentoo Bugzilla, ebuilds with added patches, old ebuilds that were removed from official portage etc.MegaCoffee
menelkirVarious ebuilds from different sourcesDaniel Menelkir
metahaxSome ebuilds that didn't seem to exist yet.Miles V.
MiezhikoMiezhiko personal overlayMiezhiko
milos-rsA pocket repository for few unavailable packagesMiloš E. Đurđević
miramirMiramir repositorygmiramir(at)
moaxcpgentoo overlay for packagesJohn Mercier
moexiamiContains updated ebuilds (w/ more feature/control) for packages in the Gentoo tree, latest version ebuilds and newpackages not yet in the tree. Targeting high-quality for production use.Xiami
molesemolese's Portage Overlay for Gentoo Linux providing ebuilds for various packagesmolese
moltonelVincent de Phily's private overlayVincent de Phily
moneroEbuilds for the Monero cryptocurrency and related software.Matt Smith
moulayyemou's personal overlayyemou Hannam
mschiffDeveloper overlayMarc Schiffbauer
multilib-portagemultilib-overlay: emul-linux-x86 must die ;)Thomas Sachau
muslmusl development overlayGentoo musl team
musl-clangmusl clang/libc++ overlayBjorn Pagen
mvEbuilds for packages not in the Gentoo tree (lack of maintainer or too experimental) and live ebuilds or extensions/bugfixes for packages in the treeMartin Väth
mvamva's sandbox overlayVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
myovMy Overlay - custom Gentoo overlay from XGQTXGQT
myrvolaymyrvogna's personal Gentoo overlayOctiabrina Terrien-Puig
mysqlGentoo MySQL overlayMySQL Team
natinstVISA and National Instruments driversAndrew Ammerlaan
nelson-gracaNelson Graça personal OverlayNelson Graça
nestPersonal Gentoo overlayVladimir Pavljuchenkov
nicovarious ebuildsNico Suhl
nitrateskyPersonal overlay of Vladimir TimofeenkoVladimir Timofeenko
nix-guixOverlay for nix anf guix functional package managersSergei Trofimovich
nordvpnNordVPN client overlayDawid Chemloul
np-hardass-overlayNP-Hardass's Personal OverlayNP-Hardass
nxOverlay for the NX/FreeNX packages for Gentoo.nx(at)
nymphosOverlay for ebuilds used in NymphOSneeshy(at)
octopusOwn and claimed ebuildsBfgeshka
oddlamaoddlama's gentoo overlayoddlama
okhPersonal overlay with no special focus.Olexiy Khokhlov
olifrePersonal overlay of Oliver Freyermuth.Oliver Freyermuth
openclonkOverlay for the game OpenClonkJulius Michaelis
openwrtOverlay for network configuration packages found in OpenWRTPavel Šimerda
oubliettepersonal overlay of forgotten ebuildsnic
overseerr-overlaythird party overlay to install overseerrChris Pritchard
palemoonUnofficial Gentoo overlay for the Pale Moon ( web browser.deu
pantherFun useful packages not found elsewhereJacob Glueck
pdilungPersonal Gentoo overlay of Pavol DilungPavol Dilung
pentooThe overlay contains new or updated security tools.zerochaos(at)
petkovichPersonal overlay of Jean-Christophe PetkovichJean-Christophe Petkovich
pf4publicPersonal overlayPF4Public
pg_overlayUser overlayPerfect Gentleman
phackerlayOverlay for phackersAlexander B. Ustinov
phoenix591My personal overlay with a few random packagesKyle Elbert
pholthaus-overlaypholthaus' personal overlayPatrick Holthaus
pica-picaPica Pica ebuildsAnton Sviridenko
pigfootEbuilds for experimental packages and chinese patchespigfoot
piniverlayVarious packages and patches for developersPierre-Nicolas Clauss
pinkbytePinkbyte's developer overlaySergey Popov
pixlraPixlra collaborative overlayJoao Carreira
pkalinMy Gentoo overlay, somewhat regularly maintainedKalin KOZHUHAROV
plex-overlayPersonal overlay of comio containing Plex related ebuildsLuigi Mantellini
poly-cPolynomial-C's overlayLars Wendler
powermanOverlay of Alex EfrosAlex Efros
ppfeufer-gentoo-overlayppfeufer's personal overlay.Peter Pfeufer
progressProgress Overlay: Python packages (including Pyramid, Zope) and other packagesArfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis
prossUp to date ck-sourcesSimon Prosser
pyfaNewest versions of Pyfa (Python fitting assistant for EVE Online)Andreas Zuber
pythonPython project repositoryGentoo Python project
qemu-initqemu init script and toolsBrian Dolbec
qgpqgp overlay (mostly computing and HEP)Jochen Klein
qownnotes-overlayQOwnNotes overlayPatrizio Bekerle
qsxqsx’ ebuildsThomas Schneider
qtOfficial testing overlay for Qt and related packages, provided by Gentoo's Qt team. Contains ebuilds for Qt5 and Qt6 prereleases and live ebuilds, plus various (non-KDE) applications and utilities that use Qt.Qt Team
quarksQuarks's overlay; needful things around Security, Penetration Testing and gamingStefan Reimer
R_OverlayGentoo overlay of R packagesBenda Xu
r7lr7l Gentoo overlay with custom Ebuildsr7l
racket-overlayRacket packages overlay by src_prepare groupMaciej Barć
ragerage's personal overlayLucas Ramage
raiagentWell-documented ebuilds en-route to a bandersnatch near youCecil Curry
rasdarkrasdark personal overlayAndrey Senik
rawsome raw stuffDenis Kaganovich (aka Dzianis Kahanovich)
rdnetto-overlayPersonal OverlayReuben D'Netto
reagentooreagentoo's overlayreagentoo(at)
ricerlayOverlay for ricing enthusiastsazahi
rich0Rich0's developer overlayRichard Freeman
rionRussian overlay with a some patched and specific softwareSergey Ilinykh
riruHome overlay for development, patches and live ebuildsPavel Kulyov
rnpHigh performance C++ OpenPGP library, fully compliant to RFC 4880Anton Sviridenko
robert7kpersonal overlay of robert7kgentoo.2019(at)
robertgzrrobertgzr's personal overlay.Robert Günzler
ROKO__Unofficial ebuilds for gentoo based distributions.Alexandrow Rosen
ros-overlayEbuilds for the Robot Operating System (ROS).wayne(at)
roslinThis is roslin, my small overlay. Enjoy! (:Piotr Szymaniak
rubyExperimental ebuilds from the Ruby edge.Ruby Team
rukruksome packages not found in other overlays, for issues create ticket in githubAivars Sterns
ryansPersonal ebuild repository.Ryan Qian
sage-on-gentooSplit ebuilds for the Sage computer algebra systemFrancois Bissey
salfterScott Alfter's ebuildsScott Alfter
sam_csam_c's personal overlaySam James
SarahMiaOverlayEverything for Budgie-Desktop and a little bit SarahMia's personal overlaySarah Mia Leibbrand
sarnex-overlaySarnex's personal overlayNick Sarnie
sattviksattvik's overlay with personalized bug fixes and tweaksDaniel Solano Gomez
scienceThe Gentoo Science Overlay is intended as a place to work outside of the main portage tree on experimental ebuilds. Our aim is to increase the rate of development of scientific packages for Gentoo, but ebuilds in this repository are by their very nature more experimental. If you wish to use them you should be willing to help test and report bugs. For contribution read sci
scrillSome admin toolsSergey Zhuga
sedenExperimental ebuilds that are still unmaintainedSven Eden
setkehsetkeh maintained ebuildsJames (setkeh) Griffis
sevcsikMainly cryptocurrency/blockchain related ebuildsAndras Sevcsik
sevzPersonal Custom Gentoo Overlay.Leonardo Hernández Hernández
sftSFT Technologies gentoo overlayJonas Jelten
sgsSimeon Simeonov's personal Gentoo overlaySimeon Simeonov
shnurisepackages for mono environment and otherArsen Shnurkov
sihnonoptiz0r's sihnon overlayoptiz0r
simonvanderveldtPersonal Gentoo overlay focused on music production and engineering applicationsSimon van der Veldt
sinustromSinustrom Gentoo OverlayZoltan Puskas
sk-overlayThe Scriptkitties overlay for additional ebuildsPatrick Spek
slonkoPersonal portage overlayMarcin Deranek
slyfoxslyfox's ebuild denSergei Trofimovich
smaeulPersonal overlay, mainly packages patched for musl compatibilitySamuel Holland
snapdebuilds for canaonicals snapdJesse Harris
sogo-connectorSOGO connector overlayFabian Köster
soltystools usefull on CTFs and things that aren't in the portage tristeluneKrzysztof Korościk
sorinpA collection of ebuilds that are missing or outdated or incomplete on the Gentoo portage official repository..Sorin Panca
sorrowEbuilds for some wayland-related software and some other stuffsorrow
spark-overlayJava Big Data InfrastructureYuan Liao
spikyatlinuxHere are some of my own or modified ebuilds. Also some of them I've found in the web.SpikyAtLinux
spingOverlay of Gentoo developer Sebastian Pipping; for issues, please open tickets at GitHubSebastian Pipping
squeezeboxPackages for the Squeezebox network audio player from LogitechStuart Hickinbottom
src_prepare-overlaysrc_prepare group's Gentoo overlayMaciej Barć
ssnbGentoo repository made by ssnbSamuel Bernardo
sspreitzMy Gentoo repository and ebuildsSascha Spreitzer
steam-overlayGentoo overlay for Valve's Steam client and Steam-based gamesMario Kicherer
stefantalpalaruGentoo overlay with ebuilds by Stefan Talpalaru that are not in the treeStefan Talpalaru
stha09stha09's personal overlayStephan Hartmann
stowe-verlayFew things that have either broken elsewhere or fallen unmaintained, such as winexe, a source-based version of logitech media server, a patched version of dansguardianMichael Stowe
strohelstrohel's overlayMatěj Laitl
suntarSuntar's overlayElena Sergeicheva
superpositionPhil's overlayPhilip Miess
swegenerThis overlay contains some experimental stuff, but mostly stuff I quickly wrote an ebuild for or grabed it from bugzilla and did not have the time to commit it to the official tree or do not consider it ready for it.swegener(at)
swirlOverlay for software I use or madeCarson Rueter
SwordArMorPersonnal overlay of alarig/SwordArMorAlarig Le Lay
tamikoDeveloper overlayMatthias Maier
tanteOverlay of tantetante(at)
tarantoolTarantool Gentoo OverlayAlexander Turenko
tastyteaOverlay of tastyteatastytea
tatsh-overlayOverlay from Tatsh - emulators/fonts/game/miscAndrew Udvare
telansOverlay from telans - gaming/misctelans
tezetatezeta's personal overlaytezeta
tf201TF201 (Asus Transformer Prime) overlay for GentooYan A.
tgbugs-overlaytgbugs portage overlay for custom ebuildsTom Gillespie
thabairnentnn's OverlayNelo-Thara Wallus
thegreatmcpainTheGreatMcPain's personal ebuild overlayJames McClain
tmacedoUser OverlayTiago Macedo
tocarotocaro personnal o.g.oThomas Carrié
toniz4-overlayUseful packages for your person useCássio Ribeiro Alves de Ávila
toolchainToolchain ebuilds that are unsuitable for the tree. Snapshots, unstable versions, etc...toolchain(at)
torbrowserTor Browser related ebuildsMeisterP
trolltooAn ebuild overlay for Gentoo.Dallen Wilson
twisterUnoffical gentoo overlay for twisterJohannes Schwab
ulmDeveloper overlayUlrich Müller
ultrabugDeveloper OverlayAlexys Jacob
ukuiGentoo Overlay for UKUI Desktop EnvironmentYachen Wang
unc3nsoredOverlay for software I didn't find in the main treeOskari Pirhonen
underworldDakEnviy's Gentoo OverlayMikhail Golbakh
unity-gentooOverlay to install the Unity desktopRick Harris
usenet-overlayPersonal Overlay for Lidarr, Radarr and Sonarr Michael Crawford
vaacusA personal overlay for the void.Quentin Lombardo
vampireA personal repository. So much bleeding edge, you would bet a vampire was involved.TheCrueltySage
vapoursynthUnofficial repository with all vapoursynth related ebuildssurukko(at)
vayerxPersonal overlay of Vasiliy YeremeyevVasiliy Yeremeyev
vdr-develOverlay for VDR, that contains ebuilds for development version of VDR, and specific plugins for that version.vdr(at)
vGistvGist overlay, for personal use.havee
vifino-overlayvifino's personal overlayAdrian "vifino" Pistol
viperML-overlayviperML's personal overlayFernando Ayats
vklimovsvklimovs' personal portage overlayVjaceslavs Klimovs
vmacsVMACS Personal Gentoo OverlayVance M. Allen
vortexPersonal overlayYuri 'nE0sIghT' Konotopov
vowstarEbuilds from vowstar's gitvowstar(at)
voyageurVoyageur's random ebuilds stuffvoyageur(at)
waebblwaebbl's overlayBernd Waibel
waffle-buildsFlyingWaffle's personal ebuild overlay.FlyingWaffle
wayland-desktopgentoo overlay for wayland related ebuildsAisha Tammy
wbranawbrana's overlayWilliam Brana
wdzierzanStuff I'd rather `emerge' than `stow'Wojciech Dzierżanowski
webosPorted Open WebOS components and librariesMaksym Sditanov
weuxelWeuxels Personal OverlayNorman Rieß
what4-javaIncubator for dev-java updates that the Gentoo Java team has no time forAlex Barker
wichtounetPersonal overlay of Baptiste WichtBaptiste Wicht
wineAll supported Wine ebuilds from the Gentoo Wine ProjectGentoo Wine Project
winnyWinny's personal overlaywinny
wjn-overlaywjn's overlay for Gentoo Linuxwjn
x11Gentoo X11 team ebuild repositoryx11(at)
xdch47Gentoo portage overlay of xdch47Felix Neumärker
xelnorRaphaël Barrois' (Xelnor) Gentoo overlay.gentoo(at)
xoreosGentoo overlay for the xoreos project, providing a WIP reimplementation of the BioWare Aurora engine and related modding tools.Sven "DrMcCoy" Hesse
xwingGuillaume Castagnino’s personal overlay.Guillaume Castagnino
yandexGentoo overlay with packages for software made by YandexVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
yoreekEbuilds related to nginx webserver modulesYuri U.
youbroketheinternetThis overlay is a collaborative maintained Gentoo developer overlay. Some of us are involved with SecuShare, but we try out all sorts of XKEYSCORE-resistant technology. Some of our unique ebuilds are the full GNUnet suite, and software around the psyced chatserver. Some ebuilds are experimental/testing - refer to the included README for more info and details. If you would like to get involved read
yurij-overlayYurij's overlayYurij Mikhalevich
zerodaysfordaysJakob L. Kreuze's personal overlay.Jakob L. Kreuze
zGentooZappeL's Gentoo-OverlayArmas Spann
zscheileZscheile OverlayErik Zscheile
zugainacollection of ebuilds by ycarusycarus(at)
zx2c4zx2c4's repository of additional ebuildsJason A. Donenfeld
zyrenthPersonal overlayAmy Nagle