Gentoo Repositories

Ebuild repositories contain additional packages for your Gentoo system. Gentoo maintains a list of repositories for use in tools such as layman. You can find them below.

Using these repositories: You can enable these repositories in your system using layman. They appear by the same name as on this page.

Adding your own repository: Please see the Overlays guide to either request a Git repository on and/or add your repository to the list.
Repository URL changes

We recently restructured the way you can access repositories hosted by Gentoo.
Any overlays from or need to be changed to a new URL. You can find more information in the news item.
Repository Name Description Contact
0x4d4cPersonal overlay with no special focusMartin Lambertz
4nykeyAn experimental portage overlayAleksei Kaveshnikov
abendbrotDesktop oriented overlay for various ebuilds and the occasional gamerStefan Reuter
abnormPersonal overlay with live ebuildsFaust
acePersonal overlay with ebuilds that were missing at one point or anotherAlexander Olofsson
activehomeGentoo overlay for ebuilds related to 'hand-made' Active Home constructionVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
agoDeveloper overlayAgostino Sarubbo
ahyangyi-overlayAhyangyi's overlayYi Yang
aidecoeaidecoe's experimental overlayAmadeusz Żołnowski
alatar-layAlatar`s personal ebuildsAlatar
AlexandreFournierAlexandre Fournier's personal overlayAlexandre Fournier
alexcepoiPersonal User OverlayAlexandru Cepoi
alexxySome random work in progress stuff from alexxyAlexey Shvetsov
alucoFrom drm-next to phoronix-test-suite ebuildsAnthoine Bourgeois
alunduilalunduil's personal overlayAlex Brandt
amielke-overlayOverlay with focus on VDR and software that is not in PortageAndreas Mielke
anarchyTesting/Bug fixes, new ebuildsJory Pratt
anaximanderanaximander's user overlayDominik Kriegner
and3k-sunriseand3ks unstable ebuildsBela Hausmann
anders-larssonA few packages that are not hosted elsewhere.Anders Larsson
andjscottFew ebuilds that others may find usefulandj.scott(at)
andyDevelopment tools for embedded systems and misc stuffAndrew Karpow
angelosDeveloper overlayChristoph Mende
anomenanomen's personal Gentoo overlayanomen
anycTesting ebuilds for out-of-tree applicationsMario Kicherer
arax-os-overlayArax OS overlayarax(at)
archenrootArchenROOT Gentoo OverlayLadislav Jech
argent-mainArgent LinuxStefan Cristian Brindusa
argent-serverArgent enterprise and servers oriented overlay of ebuildsStefan Cristian Brindusa
ArmageddonUser overlayElijah El Lazkani (Armageddon)
arx-libertatisArx Libertatis OverlayDaniel Scharrer
AstroFloydAstroFloyd's Gentoo overlayAstroFloyd
atomAtom OverlayElvis Pranskevichus
awesomeAwesome ebuildsDaniel Morlock
axsDeveloper overlayIan Stakenvicius
AzPPeter's own software playgroundPeter Asplund
barEbuilds that end up in Funtoo ports-2012tokiclover
barnowlBarnOwl IM clientWilliam Throwe
barzog-overlayOleg Gawriloff's overlayOleg Gawriloff
benfben's overlayBenjamin Franzke
benklopCustomized Media Center ebuilds (benklop)Ben Klopfenstein
besbes' personal overlayVladimir Varlamov
betagardenJoint beta-quality overlay effort to reduce overlay scatter. Any dev is welcome to join.Team Betagarden
bezerkerBezerker's PackagesBezerker
bibletimeBibleTime overlayJaak Ristioja
bicataliDeveloper overlaySébastien Fabbro
bircophDeveloper overlayAndrew Savchenko
bitceteraMiscellaneous Gentoo ebuildsSven Schwyn
bitcoinBitcoin and CPU/GPU mining related ebuildsFlorian Schmaus
blawheen-overlayPersonal overlay for experimenting (read: breaking things)Bláithín Nic Aoidh
bleeding-edgeGentoo ebuilds for "bleeding edge" versions of packages - newest, untested - running on ~amd64.Jan Psota
blender-gentoo-logoSoftware needed to render the Blender-based gentoo Logo of 2003Sebastian Pipping
bliss-overlayFearedBliss's Gentoo Overlayjvasquez1011(at)
bloodykrita bleeding edge and artists tools/resourcesPierre Geier
bluenessDeveloper OverlayAnthony G. Basile
bobwyaMiscellaneous Gentoo ebuildsBob Wya
boobooL29Ah personal overlaySergey Alirzaev
brother-overlayBrother printer and scanner softwareStefan Langenmaier
bubba"Bubba" platform support for Excito B2|3Gordon Bos
bumblebeePackages related to the bumblebee projectVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
buzdenPersonal overlay of Denis BuzdalovDenis Buzdalov
c2p-overlayPersonal overlay of Karol GrudzińskiKarol Grudziński
calculateCalculate Overlayat(at)
carreiraOverlay for personal project and forksJoao Carreira
causelayAri Malinen's personal overlayAri Malinen
centerimLatest tarballs from the CenterIM Mob-branch and a live ebuild.Boris "transacid" Petersen
cgComputer graphics ebuilds for gentoobrothermechanic(at)
chaosPersonal overlayJon Feldman
chemoelectricPersonal overlay of Barry SchwartzBarry Schwartz
chrytooPersonal overlay for packages that usually aren't in the official repository...Miloš Đ. Omeragić
chutzpahRandom stuff I am working on which isn't ready for the tree for some reasonPatrick McLean
cj-overlayChristoph's Overlayjunghans(at)
concaveoverlayKNX32542's overlay.Kawin Nikomborirak
crossdevEbuilds for embedded systemsVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
cvutA Gentoo overlay of CTUJakub Jirutka (Czech Technical University in Prague)
cynedeGentoo user overlayMikhail Pukhlikov
daksSome useful ebuilds. Includes 1C-Predpriyatie and postgres with patches for work with 1C.Dmitry Fomenko
damex-overlaydamex's personal overlayRoman Kuzmitsky
dannyboy48888Overlay of Daniel WitzelDaniel Witzel
das-laborGentoo overlay from Hackerspace BochumPhilipp Deppenwiese
dawanOCaml and proof-search related ebuildsQuentin Heath
deadbeef-overlayDeaDBeeF player overlay for Gentoo LinuxRoman Kuzmitsky
deepinGentoo Overlay for Deepin Desktop EnvironmentAten Zhang
defiancepackages for cloud developmentDan Molik
desktop-effectsExperimental overlay for desktop effects packages.desktop-effects(at)
deterCustom stuff from deterenkelt.Deter Enkelt
devpump-gorDevPump Gentoo OverlayMatt Fleming
dev-zeroDev-zeros personal developer overlayTiziano Mueller
dfreiseISDN, network and other stuffDennis Freise
didactic-duckSome ebuilds that might workLucian Poston
dilfridgeDilfridge overlay: experimental ebuilds and lab softwareAndreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)
discworldVarious VoIP-related ebuilsGeorge Diamantopoulos
displacerFixes and new unstable packagesIgor Ulyanov
distrosCalculate Linux Profilesat(at)
djcPersonal overlay; testing and early developmentDirkjan Ochtman
dlanDennis Lan's testing grounds and bleeding edge ebuildsLan Yixun (dlan)
dlangA collection of ebuilds related to the D programming language.Marco.Leise(at)
dMaggotOverlay of David E. NarváezDavid E. Narváez
dmolOverlay to store java-related ebuilds, for further reviewingIvan Baidakou
dockerOverlay for docker by dotCloudTianon Gravi
dotnetExperimental overlay for .NET packages.Mikhail Pukhlikov
DrauthiusEbuilds related to game devAlbert Diserholt
drdimGentoo Layman portage repository for Jetbrains ProductsDmitriy Bogatkin
dsrAndrew Reyes' personal overlayAndrew Reyes
dswmDeep Space Window Manager - StumpWM-based windowmanager with better usabilityAlexander aka 'CosmonauT' Vynnyk
DuPolDuPol's own and modified portage ebuilds.Dustin Polke
dustinOverlay of Dustin C. HatchDustin C. Hatch
dwfreedMy random Gentoo packagesDouglas Freed
earsharkpersonal overlay, mostly games relatedValeriy
eclipseCommunity effort at packaging Eclipse Java SDKEclipse team
eigenlayEigenlab Gentoo overlayGioacchino Mazzurco
elementaryThe elementary OS experience for Gentoo Linux. Pim Vullers
emacsProvide Emacs and XEmacs related ebuilds which are experimental or work-in-progress. Don't rely on them, but don't hesitate to file bugs or write emails.Gentoo Emacs team
emeryEbuild testing playground of Emery HemingwayEmery Hemingway
enlightenmentSupport for the Enlightenment project, most notably DR17/e17.enlightenment(at)
enlightenment-liveEnlightenment WM latest stable version and live ebuildsRaffaele Spinelli
enlightenment-niifaqFAQ RI: E17+ overlayVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
ennuiFacilitate running hardened-desktop hybrid systemNicholas Fish
eraydVarious personal ebuildsSteve Gilberd
erikmackErik Mackdanz' overlayErik Mackdanz
eroenPersonal overlay of Erik MoenErik Moen
evaDeveloper overlayGilles Dartiguelongue
ext-devlibsMostly c/c++ and python librariesDavid Sveningsson
ezodAaron Mavrinac's overlayAaron Mavrinac
farmboy0Personal overlay of Enrico HornEnrico Horn
fidonetOverlay of Benny PedersenBenny Pedersen
FireBurn32bit ebuilds (libdrm, mesa, libx11, mesa-progs, ..)Mike Lothian
fkmclanePersonal overlay of fkmclane containing patched ebuilds and new ebuildsFoster McLane
flammieAn overlay for gentoo for things Flammie's worked on: Apertium, HFST, computational linguistics, spell-checking, obscure languages...Flammie Pirinen
flavourPersonal overlay of Wim MuskeeWim Muskee
floppymfloppym's personal overlayMike Gilbert
flowEbuilds by Florian SchmausFlorian Schmaus
fmFated Mariner Gentoo Overlaybluedragonx(at)
foo-overlayPiotr's fixes and new packagesPiotr Karbowski
fordfrogDeveloper overlayMiroslav Šulc
fouxlayPlex media ebuildsFrançois-Xavier Payet
frabjousFrabjous! Yet another personal Gentoo overlayIan Moone
freeswitchFreeswitch Gentoo overlayVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
frostyxFrostyX's personal overlayFrostyX
furikakeGentoo overlay of Alex WilsonAlex Wilson (antoligy)
fuverlayFunkill's overlayFunkill
fw-overlayfw-overlay experimental overlayKetoth Xupack
gamarounsBits and pieces missing in gentoo or layman repos I needamaroun
gambas-overlayGambas IDE overlay for Gentoo LinuxRoman Kuzmitsky
gamerlay Gamers overlay for all various games. Not related with games team. Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
games-overlaygentoo overlay containing games ebuilds onlyJulian Ospald
gekiThe playground of gekis hacking on Gentoo Linux distribution.h.mth(at)
genealogyGentoo overlay for Gramps and other packages related to genealogytecknicaltom
gentooOfficial Gentoo ebuild repositorybug-wranglers(at)
gentoo-bsdGentoo/BSD Project Overlaybsd(at)
gentoo-gpuBleeding-edge GPU support for Gentoo - OpenCL, GLVND, VulkanSteven Newbury
gentoo-htpcviddi87 HTPC overlayVidar
gentoo-mateGentoo MATE Desktop Project RepoMATE Desktop Project
gentoo-openbsdGentoo/OpenBSD Project OverlayAnthony G. Basile
gentoo-playgroundzeq's Playground for experimental ebuilds and eclassesSteven Newbury
gentoo-zhTo provide programs useful to Chinese speaking users (merged from gentoo-china and gentoo-taiwan).microcai(at)
gitlabUnofficial ebuilds for GitlabDaniel Morlock
gnomeexperimental gnome ebuildsGNOME team
gnome-nextexperimental newer gnome ebuildsMikhail Pukhlikov
gnustepExperimental ebuilds for GNUstep packages in Gentoo. Comments and bugreports are welcome!gnustep(at)
godinGodin's Gentoo OverlayEvgeny Mandrikov
go-overlayGolang related ebuildsMauro Toffanin
gorisGoris overlayNorayr Mirakyan
graaffDeveloper overlay of Hans de Graaff with mostly ruby and xemacs ebuilds, and a few assorted other goodies.Hans de Graaff
graveyardpackages tree-cleaned from the official portage repositoryWilliam Hubbs
grub2-themesOverlay dedicated to Grub2 themes (of any distribution)Sebastian Pipping
haarpmisc ebuilds that aren't in the main treehaarp
hacking-gentooEbuilds of Hacking Network Solutions LtdMax Hacking
hamper-overlayUser overlayAlexander Pilipenko
hardened-developmentDevelopment Overlay for Hardened Gcc 4.x Toolchainhardened(at)
haskellThe Official Gentoo Haskell overlay.haskell(at)
hering-overlayRichard Hering's gentoo overlayRichard Hering
heroxbdDeveloper overlayBenda Xu
hexedit-overlayEbuilds for infrastructure-related packages and my own projectsTimofey Negrebetsky
hhvmhhvm gentoo overlayAlex Guzman
hibiscusHibiscus homebanking overlayFabian Köster
hnaparstHarold Naparst's Gentoo overlayHarold Naparst
holgersson-overlayNils "holgersson" Freydank's personal overlayNils Freydank
hossiegentoo-overlay from hossiehossie(at)
humbleHumble Indie Bundle unofficial overlay for Gentoo Pavel Borisov
ikelosIkelos's hospice for broken and damaged ebuilds.Mike Auty
imagingGentoo overlay for image processing and visualizationgw.fossdev(at)
interactive-fictionPackages for players and authors of interactive fictionlevertond(at)
ixitiXit overlayDavid Heidelberger
jacendi-overlayVarious ebuilds (mostly idTech-related)Vladimir Gavrilov
jamesbroadheadJames Broadhead's personal overlay and pre-sunrise testing groundJames Broadhead
jamestrMy random Gentoo packagesJames Taylor
javaJava overlayGentoo Java team
javerHipHop PHP and misc ebuildsVadim Borodavko
jboro-overlaypersonal experimental ebuildsjustin borodinsky
jkoloJerzy Kolosowski's Gentoo overlayJerzy Kolosowski
jmbsvicettoJorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto developer overlayJorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto
jmesmonmiscellanious fixes, modifications, and newer versions of ebuildsCody Schafer
jm-overlayPersonal overlay with more or less random ebuildsJannis234
johnmhPersonal overlay of johnmhJohn Harris
johuJohannes Huber developer overlayJohannes Huber
joingejoinge's user overlayJo Inge Buskenes
jokleinnPersonal Gentoo overlayJohann Weiß
jorgicioGentoo repository made by Jorgicio.Jorge Pizarro Callejas
jps-gentooRandom set of ebuilds, focus on Finnish software.juippis
jranvierExperimental cryptoanarchism-related ebuildsJustus Ranvier
JRGJohn's Collaboration OverlayJohn R. Graham
junkdrawerVarious development tools, libraries, and patches not in Gentoo (yet)Daniel M. Weeks
kaaKaa's experimental overlayOleg Kravchenko
kdeOfficial KDE team's testing overlay.KDE Team
keruspeKeruspe's overlayMarc-Antoine Perennou
k_fK_F's personal overlayKristian Fiskerstrand
klondikeEbuilds made and modified by klondike, mainly sound and virtualizationFrancisco Blas Izquierdo Riera
kolabGentoo ebuilds for KolabDaniel Morlock
konsoleboxkonsolebox's overlaykonsolebox
korkCool, new, useful, and unmaintained packagesHenry Gebhardt
KrontagePersonal overlay of KronKron
lacimarsik-overlayVarious patches and improvements on Gentoo Linux ebuildsLadislav Marsik
lanodanOverlayAdditionnal goals; experiments, necromancy, portability, diversity, …Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier
last-hopeA gentoo portage overlay with a set of too exotic, or unusal ebuilds for the sunrise overlay or the main tree.Johann Schmitz
laurentbVarious packagesLaurent Bachelier
leioMart Raudsepp developer overlayMart Raudsepp
levenkovlevenkov personal overlayArtem Levenkov
libresslLibreSSL ebuilds testing repositorylibressl(at)
linuxunderground-overlayexperimental ebuilds from linuxunderground.belinuxunderground
lispCommon Lisp/Scheme development, recruitment and live overlay. Support and feedback in `#gentoo-lisp' and via `'.lisp(at)
lmiphayPersonal overlay of Paul HealyPaul Healy
lootrdev-python/netzob and maybe some i3 hacksAlexandre PIGNÉ
loreleiPre-release ebuilds for lorelei's projectsRonan Bignaux
luaLua development overlayRafael G. Martins
luke-jrMisc ebuilds by Luke-Jrluke-jr+gentoobugs(at)
lumanccube's overlayLukas Elsner
luxiferPersonal Overlay, contains stoken ebuildsDominik Keil
lxde-gtk3lxde-gtk3 overlayKonstantin
maekkeMarkus Meier developer overlayMarkus Meier
maggu2810-overlaymaggu2810's Gentoo portage overlay.Markus Rathgeb
maksbotanOverlay for testing my ebuildsMaxim Koltsov
mate-de-gentooUpdated ebuilds for mate-desktop environmentOzTiram
megacoffeeMixed ebuilds from various sources: self-written missing ebuilds, more current ebuilds, ebuilds that just needed a slight update from official portage, ebuilds others posted on Gentoo Bugzilla, ebuilds with added patches, old ebuilds that were removed from official portage etc.MegaCoffee
mgornyMichał Górny developer overlayMichał Górny
mhammillMike's user overlayMike Hammill
miramirMiramir repositorygmiramir(at)
mistafunkPackages mostly related to graphics and multimediaSimon Haegler
mkeyoverlayOverlay of Markus KnetschkeMarkus Knetschke
mklichFor learning purposes.Michał Klich
moaxcpgentoo overlay for packagesJohn Mercier
moltonelVincent de Phily's private overlayVincent de Phily
moonriseBleeding edge, experimental overlay for GentooMariusz Kozakowski
mooyoomamooyooma's personal overlaymooyooma
mozillaNew mozilla development that is not yet in treemozilla(at)
mpdThe experimental gentoo overlay was designed as a way to keep up-to-date. Most of it are live ebuilds, ebuilds that pull the latest HEAD from whatever repository. It also includes ebuilds for clients that are not yet in portage. It is maintained by avuton, send new ebuilds, corrections or bugs directly to him.Kaleb Elwert
mruegUser overlayManuel Rüger (mrueg)
mschiffDeveloper overlayMarc Schiffbauer
multilib-portagemultilib-overlay: emul-linux-x86 must die ;)Thomas Sachau
multimediaRepository for development of (mostly bleeding-edge) multimedia packages for Gentoo Linux. This is the official overlay for Gentoo's media
muslmusl development overlayGentoo musl team
mvEbuilds for packages not in the Gentoo tree (lack of maintainer or too experimental) and live ebuilds or extensions/bugfixes for packages in the treeMartin Väth
mvamva's sandbox overlayVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
mysqlGentoo MySQL overlayMySQL Team
nashedeloExperimental ebuildsEvgeniy Gurevich
necromancyThis repository contains the ebuild from Necrose99 (some are works in progress)mike(at)
nektooneko259's overlayneko259
netcraveNetcrave Communications Gentoo OverlayPaige Thompson
nextooNextoo ("Next Gentoo") overlayAaron Ten Clay
nginx-overlayNginx overlayJohan Bergström
nicovarious ebuildsNico Suhl
nightmarenightmare is a gentoo overlay with some stuffr3lgar
nigoro-fbsdnigoro's Gentoo/FreeBSD experimental
nikainikai user overlayNicolas Kaiser
nirvanaEbuilds not good enough to make it to Sabayon's for-gentoo.Danilo Pianini
nixphoeniJoe Sapp's overlayJoe Sapp Gentoo OverlayVítor Brandão (noisebleed)
np-hardass-overlayNP-Hardass's Personal OverlayNP-Hardass
nxOverlay for the NX/FreeNX packages for Gentoo.nx(at)
oboeverlayChrisOboe's overlayChris Oboe
observerContains ebuilds I need, but not in Gentoo portage tree yet.Chen Meng
octaveoctave-forge packages Rafael G. Martins
octopusOwn and claimed ebuildsBfgeshka
openwrtOverlay for network configuration packages found in OpenWRTPavel Šimerda
owncloud-clientEbuilds related to the ownCloud Sync ClientNorman Rieß
palemoonUnofficial Gentoo overlay for the Pale Moon ( web browser.deu
palmerUser overlayPalmer Dabbelt
pchristPanagiotis Christopoulos developer overlayPanagiotis Christopoulos
pdilungPersonal Gentoo overlay of Pavol DilungPavol Dilung
pentooThe overlay contains new or updated security tools.zerochaos(at)
perl-experimentalExperimental ebuilds for Perl packages in Gentoo. Comments and bugreports are welcome!Perl Team
perl-experimental-snapshotsUnofficial mirror of overlay "perl-experimental" with metadata cacheKent Fredric
petkovichPersonal overlay of Jean-Christophe PetkovichJean-Christophe Petkovich
pg_overlayUser overlayPerfect Gentleman
pica-picaPica Pica ebuildsAnton Sviridenko
pigfootEbuilds for experimental packages and chinese patchespigfoot
pinkbytePinkbyte's developer overlaySergey Popov
plabPaul Labedan user overlayPaul Labedan
poly-cPolynomial-C's overlayLars Wendler
portage-backupBackup-related ebuildsLenno Nagel
posativOverlay of Martin ZimmermannMartin Zimmermann
powermanOverlay of Alex EfrosAlex Efros
ppc64leppc64le development overlayAnthony G. Basile
printer-driversUser-submitted ebuilds for printer driversGentoo printing team
proaudioEvermind's overlay with ebuilds for a lot of pro-audio production software.evermind(at)
procyonProcyon Overlaydonat-b
progressProgress Overlay: Python packages (including Pyramid, Zope) and other packagesArfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis
prometheanfireDeveloper overlayMatthew Thode
prossUser overlaySimon Prosser
psix-overlayzabuldon's personal overlaySergey Isachenko
pypy_alicePersonal User OverlayAlice Ferrazzi
pythonPython project repositoryGentoo Python project
qemu-initqemu init script and toolsBrian Dolbec
qtOfficial testing overlay for Qt and related packages, provided by Gentoo's Qt team. Contains ebuilds for Qt4 and Qt5 prereleases and live ebuilds, plus various (non-KDE) applications and utilities that use Qt.Qt Team
quarksQuarks's overlay; needful things around Gentoo Hardened, Security and Penetration TestingStefan Reimer
qutebrowserOverlay providing qutebrowser ebuildsMartin Zimmermann
qwin-overlayGentoo overlay with some patched packages.dedsa2002(at)
rafaelmartinsRafael Martins' Gentoo overlayRafael G. Martins
raiagentWell-documented ebuilds en-route to a bandersnatch near youCecil Curry
rasdarkrasdark personal overlayAndrey Senik
rawsome raw stuffDenis Kaganovich (aka Dzianis Kahanovich)
reagentooreagentoo's overlayreagentoo(at)
rebutiaRebutia overlayPavel Sanda
regina-gentooRegina packages for GentooWilliam Pettersson
rich0Rich0's developer overlayRichard Freeman
rinaldus-overlayRinaldus overlayRinaldus
rindealRindeal's overlayJan Chren (rindeal)
ring-overlayRing is free software for universal communication which respects freedoms and privacy of its users.Stefan Langenmaier
rionRussian overlay with a some patched and specific softwarerion4ik(at)
robert7kpersonal overlay of robert7kgentoo.bugzilla.2012(at)
ROKO__Unofficial ebuilds for gentoo based distributions.Alexandrow Rosen
roslinThis is roslin, my small overlay. Enjoy! (:Piotr Szymaniak
ros-overlayEbuilds for the Robot Operating System (ROS).wayne(at)
R_OverlayGentoo overlay of R packagesBenda Xu
rpmOverlay for RPM packagers targeting Fedora, EPEL, CentOS and similar distrosPavel Šimerda
rs-overlayGentoo overlay for convenianceTristan Mahé
rubyExperimental ebuilds from the Ruby edge.Ruby Team
rukruksome packages not found in other overlays, for issues create ticket in githubAivars Sterns
rustrust modules and toolsMikhail Pukhlikov
rwaldPersonal overlay of Randall WaldRandall Wald
sabayonSabayon ebuilds that could be upstreamed to Gentoo (or just being useful for Gentoo users as well): hot fixes, ebuild updates, etc. For Sabayon-only ebuilds, please use the sabayon-distro overlay. Bugs to http://bugs.sabayon.orglxnay(at)
sabayon-distroSabayon related ebuilds such as artwork, kernel binaries, split packages, etc. Bugs to http://bugs.sabayon.orglxnay(at)
sabayon-toolsBrenton's Sabayon OverlayBrenton Horne
sage-on-gentooSplit ebuilds for the Sage computer algebra systemFrancois Bissey
salfterScott Alfter's ebuildsScott Alfter
sardemff7Sardem FF7's overlaySardem FF7
sattviksattvik's overlay with personalized bug fixes and tweaksDaniel Solano Gomez
scienceThe Gentoo Science Overlay is intended as a place to work outside of the main portage tree on experimental ebuilds. Our aim is to increase the rate of development of scientific packages for Gentoo, but ebuilds in this repository are by their very nature more experimental. If you wish to use them you should be willing to help test and report bugs. For contribution read sci
scrillSome admin toolsSergey Zhuga
seadepjust a few ebuilds, I couldn't find elsewhereRasmus Thomsen
seafilePortage overlay to maintain seafile ebuildsStefan Junker
sebasmagriOverlay of Sebastián Ramírez MagríSebastián Ramírez Magrí
sedenExperimental ebuilds that are still unmaintainedSven Eden
seedsOverlay for Gentoo from vonaviVladimir Ivanov
sftSFT Technologies gentoo overlayJonas Jelten
shnurisepackages for mono environment and otherArsen Shnurkov
ShyPixiePersonal overlay of Lara MaiaLara Maia
sihnonoptiz0r's sihnon overlayoptiz0r
silmanoPeter's personal overlayPedro Arizmendi
simonvanderveldtPersonal Gentoo overlay focused on music production and engineering applicationsSimon van der Veldt
sinustromSinustrom Gentoo OverlayZoltan Puskas
slyfoxslyfox's ebuild denSergei Trofimovich
softSoft's personal overlay for miscellaneous ebuildsSamuel Laurén
sogo-connectorSOGO connector overlayFabian Köster
sorinpA collection of ebuilds that are missing or outdated or incomplete on the Gentoo portage official repository..Sorin Panca
sortsmillPersonal overlay of Barry Schwartz for font projectsBarry Schwartz
spikeThis repository contains the ebuild used to build spike, a pentesting distro based on Sabayon.mudler(at)
spike-community-overlaySpike community overlaymike(at)
spingOverlay of Gentoo developer Sebastian Pipping; for issues, please open tickets at GitHubSebastian Pipping
squeezeboxPackages for the Squeezebox network audio player from LogitechStuart Hickinbottom
srcsheltonOut-of-tree ebuildsStuart Shelton
ssnbGentoo repository made by ssnbSamuel Bernardo
steam-overlayGentoo overlay for Valve's Steam client and Steam-based gamesMario Kicherer
steevSteev Klimaszewski's OverlayStephen Klimaszewski
stefantalpalaruGentoo overlay with ebuilds by Stefan Talpalaru that are not in the treeStefan Talpalaru
steveeJPersonal overlay of Stefan JunkerStefan Junker
stowe-verlayFew things that have either broken elsewhere or fallen unmaintained, such as winexe, a source-based version of logitech media server, a patched version of dansguardianMichael Stowe
strohelstrohel's overlayMatěj Laitl
stugeVarious ebuilds by Konsult StugePeter Stuge
sublime-textCollection of ebuilds to install Sublime Text 2 or Sublime Text 3Oscar Campos
superpositionPhil's overlayPhilip Miess
swegenerThis overlay contains some experimental stuff, but mostly stuff I quickly wrote an ebuild for or grabed it from bugzilla and did not have the time to commit it to the official tree or do not consider it ready for it.swegener(at)
systemdUser collaboration on ebuilds for the systemd init systemHenry Gebhardt
systemd-lovePut more love between systemd, users and openrcFabio Erculiani
TAJJADAEbuilds for random stuff, including own/personal software, by Jasen Borisov.Jasen Borisov
tamikoDeveloper overlayMatthias Maier
tanteOverlay of tantetante(at)
tarantoolTarantool Gentoo OverlayAlexander Turenko
tengine-overlayTengine overlay for Gentoo LinuxRoman Kuzmitsky
tf201TF201 (Asus Transformer Prime) overlay for GentooYan A.
timboudreauTim Boudreau's OverlayTim Boudreau
timroestimroes' personal overlayTim Roes
tmacedoUser OverlayTiago Macedo
tocarotocaro personnal o.g.oThomas Carrié
TomWijNew, staging and experimental ebuildsTom Wijsman
toolchainToolchain ebuilds that are unsuitable for the tree. Snapshots, unstable versions, etc...toolchain(at)
torbrowserTor Browser related ebuildsMeisterP
tranquilityDeveloper overlayOle Reifschneider
trashSome ugly ebuildsbatekman(at)
triquetraUser overlayDavid Crandall
tristeluneCédric's user overlayCédric
trollerlayOverlay for packages that I use, which doesn't exist in main tree or layman's overlaysVladimir "fat0troll" Kozlov
twisterUnoffical gentoo overlay for twisterJohannes Schwab
twitch153Experimental ebuildsDevan Franchini
ulmDeveloper overlayUlrich Müller
ultrabugDeveloper OverlayAlexys Jacob
undesktopOverlay containing Undesktop projectsChizuru Tachibana
unity-gentooOverlay to install the Unity desktopRick Harris
vacaJust another personal Gentoo overlayhashashin
vapoursynthUnofficial repository with all vapoursynth related ebuildssurukko(at)
vayerxPersonal overlay of Vasiliy YeremeyevVasiliy Yeremeyev
vdr-develOverlay for VDR, that contains ebuilds for development version of VDR, and specific plugins for that version.vdr(at)
v-foxPublic Gentoo overlay for games, emulators and more of nifty stuffSergey Kondakov
vifino-overlayvifino's personal overlayAdrian "vifino" Pistol
virtualizationExperimental virtualization stuffGentoo virtualization team
vmacsVMACS Personal Gentoo OverlayVance M. Allen
vmwareVMware desktop ebuildsGentoo VMware team
vortexPersonal overlayYuri 'nE0sIghT' Konotopov
voyageurVoyageur's random ebuilds stuffvoyageur(at)
wbranawbrana's overlayWilliam Brana
wdzierzanStuff I'd rather `emerge' than `stow'Wojciech Dzierżanowski
webosPorted Open WebOS components and librariesMaksym Sditanov
weuxelWeuxels Personal OverlayNorman Rieß
whiledevCollection of ebuilds with experimental featuresFelix Sanz
wichtounetPersonal overlay of Baptiste WichtBaptiste Wicht
wine-a-holicsAn overlay filled with lots of goodies for those who are hooked on WINE.NP-Hardass(at)
wjn-overlaywjn's overlay for Gentoo Linuxwjn
write2DavidDavid's Overlay for Misc UtilsDavid Phillips
wschlichA collection of ebuilds from Wolfram SchlichWolfram Schlich
x11Gentoo X11 team overlayx11(at)
xarthisiusDeveloper overlayKacper Kowalik
xelnorRaphaël Barrois' (Xelnor) Gentoo overlay.gentoo(at)
xfce-devExperimental ebuilds for the Xfce4 Desktop EnvironmentXFCE team
xmwMichael Weber developer overlayMichael Weber
xtreemfsXtreemFS, a cloud filesystemPatrick Hieber
xwingThis overlay contains some experimental stuff, such as turboprint printers driver (bug #61311), intel-536ep driver for lastest 2.6 kernels (bug #127464), lastest grisbi version (proxy maintainer) before it's portage integration and so on.casta(at)
y2kbadbugAll ebuilds made by Daniel ShaferDaniel Shafer
yandexGentoo overlay with packages for software made by YandexVadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov
yarik-overlaySome new packages plus uncommitted patches and ebuilds for the main treeYaroslav Gorbunov
yngwinDeveloper overlayBen de Groot
yoreekEbuilds related to nginx webserver modulesYuri U.
youbroketheinternetThis overlay is a collaborative maintained Gentoo developer overlay. Some of us are involved with SecuShare, but we try out all sorts of XKEYSCORE-resistant technology. Some of our unique ebuilds are the full GNUnet suite, and software around the psyced chatserver. Some ebuilds are experimental/testing - refer to the included README for more info and details. If you would like to get involved read
zoobabPersonal overlay of Benjamin HenrionBenjamin Henrion
zugainacollection of ebuilds by ycarusycarus(at)
zx2c4zx2c4's repository of additional ebuildsJason A. Donenfeld